11 o'clock was replaced with I will Follow. The band did not play Desire or Pride.

Wanna hear my story about the setlist?. Well I am going to tell you anyway.

I was inside the heart when I spotted Paul McGuinness walking around in there on the security side and I thought to myself "WOW, I recognise that guy" and thought it was pretty cool that the manager did that. Then he left and came back when U2 ended the show with Walk On and he was standing at the exit sign close to the stage. I said to myself "Mona you are going to go over there and shake his hand, otherwise you will regret it." So I did and he look happy to talk for a minute and he gave me and my friend a set-list.

Anyway, then I went to England after the concert and I kept the setlist with me in my handbag (of course protected by a plastic cover) because I didn't want to take the chance of losing it with the luggage. Nothing happened on the way overthere, but on the way back my luggage was lost either in London or Brussels and then I was really happy that I kept the setlist in my handbag, because I didn't know if anybody had stolen my luggage.
I did get my luggage back four days later, where I had my tour T-shirt, programme, Elevation DVD single and other singles, my video camera and clothes.

Alright some of you will say "it's just a bleeding piece of paper". Not to me it isn't. It's a silly story I know, but I thought I would share it with you, and admit it, you would have done the same.

If you have a funny expierence you would like to tell other fans, write it in my guestbook and I'll make a page about U2 encounters later on.