There are so many people who have the same quotes, so I have tried to find some not so common one's
Don't mind the spelling mistakes, I don't.


"If I talk too much, just tell me"
(Well, you do talk a lot, but we don't mind)

"Paul thinks this is the best thing we have ever done, and I think he is right"
(Opinions on Pride)

"No actually I wanted to play the DJ"
(Asked if he was going play a terrorist in a movie)

"The others found it an absolute pleasure me not playing the guitar, but I missed me not playing the guitar"
(Bono not playing guitar due to an injury)

"Nobody seems to notice it"
(Bono not playing guitar due to the same injury)

Interviewer: "You haven't been in touch with him since the poll was announced ?"
Bono: "No I'm sure his is not speaking to us now"
(U2 won the award for best live act by Rolling Stone Magazine and the award could have been Bruce Springsteen's)

"I thought I would be a lead guitar player actually, if fact everyone wanted to play the guitars, as far as I remember, even Larry he was getting a bit bored behind the drum kit and he thought yeah I quit like playing guitar, but, so then they stopped me playing lead guitar and then I was on rhythm guitar and then they stopped me playing rhythm guitar, eventually I think they wanted me to manage the group, but I wouldn't leave the stage, I felt I would be better off on a stage than behind the scenes, so I began as a singer, but I was a really lousy rocking singer"
(Talking about how he became the singer of U2)

"There's no sex in Ireland, and I think you know it"

"We're just as serious about what we do now. We're just pretending not to be" 1992

"How on earth can I get America out of my system? I can't get it out of my television!"

"What has kept us together? Fear of our manager"

"Everyone argues , then we do what I say" 1987

"I look fat in these pictures" "Am I?"

"Well no, I think I sing like a girl on this one, but it's much more attractive"
(Bono thinking he sounded like a girl in the 80's and how he sounds now)

"They are getting too much red meat"
(Larry and The Edge goofing off behind Bono's back during a break filming All I Want Is You)


"There's Monday love, Tuesday love, Wednesday love, Thursday love, Friday love and then there's Saturday love."
(The guys was asked what love is all about)

"We were Bono and The Edge in private life, before we were Bono and The Edge in public life"
(Asked if they call each other the nick names in private life)

"It was written"
(Asked why "With Or Without You" was the first single to be released from The Joshua Tree)

Interviewer: "Are you a virgin?"
Edge: "Of course I am"
Interviewer: "How come you have kids ?"
Edge: "????"

Edge: "I didn't feel like we have peeked necessarily"
Eno: "Do you want to go out there and peek then?"
(Working on Pride)

"If we can get this played, then we can get anything played."
(All I Want Is You video)


"Ah Edge I thought you were gonna take this one"
(U2 in conference)

"If you are a really close friend of The Edge's, you can just say The"

"Making love involves two people, having sex only involves one", "I got the right answer"
(Asked what love is)

"It's great to be in a film that you are not really in"
(All I Want Is You)


"It's basically a sports injury"

"If somebody with an accordion had come around I would have played with them, that was where it was at, I was that desperate to play with somebody"

"It's a big tree"
(Asked what The Joshua Tree is)

"Hi fans" (He said that a lot in "The unforgettable Fire Collection")

"I just want to say for the record, that I want that bit edited"
(Larry being funny in "The unforgettable Fire Collection")

"Basically I am making another cameo appearance in a U2 video"
(All I Want Is You)

"Well put it this way, Michael Jackson got the idea of the oxygen tent from me"
(Asked why he looks so much younger than the rest of the band members)

"I'm proud to say that I don't know any Cliff Richard songs"
(Having to guess a Richard song in an radio interview)


"Look what you have done now with your bloody Rock'N'Roll music, you've put out the sun"
(A comment made when they were watching the eclipse in "The unforgettable Fire Collection")

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