My 'short' Review

This was my very first U2 show and maybe the best (well, it was good enough for our Crown Prince).
PJ Harvey and Stereo MCs opened the show, but I it has been 9 years since then, so I don't really remember what they were like.

Me and a friend came to the stadium around 16:00 after a walk down the walking street. They opened the gates at 18:00 and a lot of people ran for the middle. We had been told to walk on the outsides, so we did and we walked straight into the front of the stage before they closed if off.

It was raining and thundering before the show started, but it there was no rain during the show. It was a warm night, I think.

The show started very late for some reason, but that was ok, since it was an outdoor concert and it is best when it's dark.

They started off with "what you were supposed to think was" the band entering the stage from the middle of the catwalk. If you have seen the video "Sweetest thing" it's the big heads appearing in the middle of the video behind Bono.
The show started, and Bono was raised on to the stage.
Me and my friend were standing right in front of Adam, and I thought to myself "this is unreal, not only am I at this show, but I am so close to the stage, the band".

The show was 'Obviously' filled with all these images appearing on the screens, very fancy built stage, but what impressed/touched me the most from that evening was without a doubt, the satellite connection to Sarajevo. You were standing there looking at this little girl from Bosnia singing 'Let It Be' on the screen and the whole stadium got into it and sang along with the lighters held in the air. (I wonder what happened to that girl). It was very emotional and it felt weird when the show went on after that.

On a lighter note Bono or Mr Mcphisto made his phone-call to Uffe Elleman (Uffeman), but it was the wife who answered the phone and she was not impressed. We thought it was funny though.

The show ended with Bono singing 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and it eventually turned into the Elvis singing and the show was over.

I know this is a bit of a short and not very detailed review, but it has been 9 years since I went to see the show.