My Review
If you are one of those fans who gets offended easily and takes everything you read extremely seriously, DON'T read this review.

Who was the opening act?
- JJ72 and I must say I liked them.

How long did I wait to get into the heart?
- Me and my friend Rikke and her brother met up and we got to Forum at 14:00, there we got a stamp on our hands (why I don't know, because it was useless). When the doors opened at 18:30 people from behind were pushing like crazy to get up in front. I got separated from my friend and her brother but we both got into the heart and met up. Some people only waited an hour to get into the heart and they took the place from some who had waited patiently for hours, but were too polite to push themselves up in front. Some had their wristbands from the night before and got into the heart that way. But there was plenty of space and throughout the night more people were let in.

Was it hot?
- You bet, it was one of the hottest nights on the tour. I drank about 6 litres of water altogether before and during the show. Some say it was between 50-60 degrees Celcius and it must have been, the air conditioning was terrible, if there was any, and the doors had to remain shut because of complaints from neighbours the previous night. But that didn't stop us from having a good time or jumping up and down and singing along. Elevation was one of the songs where the audience really went wild.

I would have hated to be one of those guys right below the roof, it must have been a killer sitting there directing the lights, being stuck in one place.

Was the set-list short?
- Yes, I know because Paul McGuinness gave me one of them, I walked up to him during the last song and shook his hand and told him what I thought of the show and he gave the set-list and said something like "here is something special for you". My friend Rikke also got a set-list. Yes the set-list was maybe the shortest on the tour, but that doesn't mean that the show was bad. I haven't seen any of the other shows but this one was great, I got to hear the songs I wanted to, except for '40' but I'll get over it. It seemed like the whole band really got into it and Bono was talking a lot more in between the songs that the night before, or so I was told.

Who was there?
- Larry Mullen Senior, Ali Hewson and the children, I think Helene Christensen was there as well, but most importantly about 10.000 screaming fans.

Was it the smallest show so far?
- Yes it was. There was only a crowd of 10.000 people. When I first heard about the number I got a bit P….. off, because it seemed like a lot of fans would miss out on show, but standing there it all made sense. I just wish more fans would have been able to see it.

What was it like inside the heart?
- It was nice and roomy, plenty of space to walk around in. I was standing just about in front of The Edge and it was great. On previous tours I have stood on the front row in front of Adam or further back, so I was happy to be on the other side for a change, and with the small stage you could see Adam perfectly anyway. There was no time where I thought this is too crazy, people are pushing too much, but I would have hated to stand on the other side where you had all the other people behind you. I thought if I didn't get into the heart, I would go stand on the balcony.

Were there disadvantages about being in the Heart?
- Well only one tiny thing. Because you drank so much water, your bladder filled up very quickly. The problem was getting out of the closed area and getting back in. It wasn't a problem when the opening band started playing but before you knew it, it was pretty much impossible to get out with all the people standing there hoping to get into the heart. So the only thing you could do was to hold it, unless you wanted to miss out on the show.

Was Bono there?
- Well to be honest I didn't pay much attention to him, since I was in front of The Edge, but I saw Bono walking/running around on the catwalk and stopping right in front of us at spitting distance from where I was standing. All right I say spitting distance, that does not mean that I actually spat on him. He did a good job and his voice was great.

Did we really need Bono?
- Not really, because the audience was great, really singing along :-)

What songs were played?
- Well I do have the set-list (which I got from Paul McGuinness), but there were a few changes to it. "Desire" "Pride" and "11 O'clock" wasn't played. "11 O'clock" was replaced with "I will Follow" for some reason. See my set-list picture to see what songs were played.

What did I think of the songs?
- I get so bored reading about how the songs touched some fans and them describing all the songs in their reviews, so I am not going to do that. I think the songs mean something completely different/special from fan to fan, so you draw your own conclusions. But I will say that Stuck In A Moment was amazing live, real crowd pleaser and 'Walk On' was a great way to end the show.

What was the sound like?
- From where I was standing the sound was great, but I have heard people say that it wasn't too good further back.

What was the big flop during the show?
- Some guy got up on the catwalk and pretty much tried to undress Bono, which Bono didn't like too much, then he tried to give Bono a necklace but was pulled off the catwalk by the security.

What did Bono say between the songs?
Before Kite
- Har I det godt?...Kan De holde varmen?...You know you Danish people are a very big influence on our national tongue...I just wanted you to know that...Det er varmt, men vi er cool!...Let's face it it's a pretty obscure language...Do you speak Irish?...That's a very obscure language...Larry speaks good Irish...Larry Mullen JR's father is in the house...Larry Mullen senior is here with us tonight and Alice...Young whipper snappers from Dublin JJ72 were in the house with us tonight, they were extraordinary...Anything else?...God is in the house...Amen...He better be...Right this is a song about...Well I'm not gonna tell you that...It's called Kite.

After New York
- Mange tak

During I Will Follow
-Ring those bells Edge...Ring those bells Edge...Ring those bells...We wrote a love song on two strings...twenty years ago we came walking down these streets...twenty years ago...Copenhagen...Same melody...Same beats...Ring those bells Edge...They shine like mercury and gold...Ring those bells Edge...Those bells never gonna grow old... never grow old... never grow old...My spirit will never grow old...My spirit will never grow old...Rings those bells (and he says something else, which I can't make out).

Before Stay
-Excuse me a second...Just talk amongst yourselves...(the crowd calling for Bono while he goes to take his jacket off)...I was just telling Edge that Bono is a town in Southern Denmark, He wasn't sure...This is a...A song that we started in Berlin, in the start of the 90's...In a studio called Hansa...A lot of folks figured that this was the period when U2 got all arty... We didn't see it that way...'Cause you know when you are out there.. Floating out there, that is...You find all kinds of interesting shit...Like this beautiful song.

I guess Bono was right when he said "I'm learning to Lie" back in the early 90's, because he was telling the Edge to skip Desire, which was on the setlist right after Stuck In A Moment.

Before The Fly
- You walk into a sportshall...The lights go down...You see a little girl...And she's your girl...And it's her birthday today...Copenhagen, yeah...And her name is Eve...And she is into two digits...She's ten...No matter what or when...I'm gonna love this girl...'Cause love...You shine like a burning star......

After With or without you
-Larry would rather go down there and then come back up again...he thinks it would be better if he stayed there...and 'cause he thinks...He is pretty sure actually that we are going to come back...Is that the story?...Drummers are very practical people...Edge on the other hand he doesn't mind either way...Adam didn't notice that he left the stage...And I'll do what you want me to do...Because I am a singer and I need you to love me...Har I det godt?

Was this a way to tell Larry to skip PRIDE? Which was supposed to come after With or Without You.

Before Walk On
-One last tune for...Aung San Suu Kyi...there's a deal going on today for her...and she's the leader of the Burmese people...if she was allowed...Amnesty International...join them outside...God bless you...Good night...Give it up
The end of Walk On
The Edge...Copenhagen...Thank you, Goodnight...Cool it?...Mange tak, Mange tak...And to the almighty...And to the almighty...Thank you

Question: Did Bono talk more on Saturday night than on the Friday, because he skipped 2 songs?

What was the funniest/cutest moment?
- Well it was funny when Bono ran into the Wall during "The Fly" and held the position for quite a while.
- But it was funnier when The Edge looked down at us and did the thumbs up and winked like he did in the Elevation video. Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera and only caught him after he looked away again. Straight after that he looked back down at us and grinned, typical men they never do as you want them to. Bono may be the front man of U2, but The Edge is the one with the (sorry to say it) natural charm.
- Eve (Bono's daughter) was pulled up on stage because it was her birthday and Bono gave a little speech for her, it was really sweet.
- It was funny when somebody in the audience threw some cards up in the air and people were rushing to get them until they saw what is was (nasty but funny)

What happened that hasn't happened on the tour so far?
- Adam got too hot and took off his T-shirt half way during the show.
- During one of the songs Bono was holding the microphone out to a fan that had a "mouth piece?" with him and he got to play with the band. (Very cool, was it planned?, I don't know). The same happened when Bono sang "With or Without You" a girl in the front audience sang some of it.
- The band got on a balcony after the show was over and waved to all the fans leaving the building.

What was the security people like?
- Well I couldn't help laughing at them outside, because some of them were walking around like they owned the place, but the security guy we had standing with us in the heart was really sweet. He made sure we got plenty to drink and gave us some sugar cubes as well. I don't know his name, but he was a great guy.
- Actually I have never experienced any bad security people. When I went to the Zooropa concert back in 1993 the guys were great as well, telling me to yell if I felt that people were pushing too much from behind. (sometimes it pays off to be short)

Is this show available as Bootleg?
- It is available out there and it is called Hotter than Hell. The quality us pretty good because the guy taping it was standing close to the soundboard.

What did I think of the Concert?
- I honestly think that even though I loved the Zooropa show this concert was better. I know some of you will say that you can't compare shows, but I don't really care. Zooropa was amazing, but it was more of a show than a concert. PopMart well I still don't know what to think of that, but this Elevation concert was the kind of concert I have been looking forward to, nothing special, just a band playing in front of an audience. Before I didn't like the fact that it was a very small show and a lot of fans missed out, but standing there it all made sense. Very intimate. It was like it was a whole different show for those of us standing in the heart, because we were only about 300 people and the wall to cover the outside of the heart was so tall you didn't really think about the fans on the outside of it.

Would I go to another show on this tour?
- It sounds crazy to say this, but I wouldn't. This show was perfect, I got to stand inside the heart, get the set-list from McGuinness and stand on the side where The Edge was playing, I took some pictures and 12 of them turned out ok, which is fine with me, it's a fun thing to have. This night was a great night even if it was HOTTER THAN HELL, THANK YOU U2 for yet another great show.

What did I think of Forum?
- I think Forum sucked, their was no toilet facilities outside, so if you had to go, you had to find some café or something like that.
- The airconditioning was terrible or broke, something that should not happen for a place that holds various concerts. A friend of mine went to see DAD there back in November and it was really hot then, even in the winter.
- They ran out of water and drinks for people at the Friday show, something that is completely unacceptable, people were dropping like flies not because they saw Bono for the first time but because they didn't get enough to drink.

What did I think of the concert promoters?
- The promoters DKB are ass-holes.
- People could buy 6 tickets for a show that holds 10,000 people, so a lot of scalping was going on, unacceptable.
- They bragged about how fast the first show was sold out and how they mirracoulsy saved the fans by rinning up London to arrange a second show. Which could not happen that fast, because the tickets for the second show went on sale the second the first tickets were sold out, while Flemming (the promoter) was supposely on the phone making it happen. How could he not know that there was a second show on the Saturday, us fans had know about it for more that 6 weeks before the tickets went on sale.

What do I have to remember this show by?
- My pictures (that didn't turn out all that great)
- A set-list (that I got from Paul McGuinness)
- My ticket (thanks to Mirror who sold it to me at face value)
- My wristband (I got for being in the heart)
- The concert on cd (from a guy who taped the whole thing)
- Tour T-shirt and Programme (which I bought)
- My memories (at least for now)
- A very bad knee from jumping up and down like a complete idiot but it was fun