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U2 - The Rolling Stone Files

The story of U2 is a dramatic one, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the pages of Rolling Stone, which has covered the band since its inception.
Now readers can rediscover the band's history, from their roots as an earnest goup with a peace mission covered in early articles and album reviews, to their abrupt translation to 'Macphisto' - the degenerate, demonic alter ego that Bono assumed for U2's Zooropa tour.

Part of the uniqueness of this volume is the diversity of opinion found throughout the interviews and articles, allowing the reader a much broader perspective than a traditional biography could provide. With the collaboration of U2 expert Elysa Gardner and the magazine's top editors and writers, U2:The Rolling Stone Files provides everything U2 fans want to know and everything Rolling Stone has to offer.

U2 - At The End Of The World

U2 at the end of the world is the strange, intimate and very funny story of the biggest rock band's biggest tour, a two-year extravaganza that took U2 around the planet and dropped them at a cultural intersection where the most powerful people in art, politics, film, fashion, business and rock & roll all throw their arms around each other and pose for photographs.

Here is U2 conferring with Bill Clinton and Bill Burroughs, recording with Frank Sinatra, partying with Naomi Campbell, philosophizing with Salman Rushdie, jamming with Bob Dylan. Here is U2 trying to get a Red Cross flight into Sarajevo, visiting Tokyo strip clubs, joining a Greenpeace action on the Irish Sea, being mobbed in Mexico, attacking neo-Nazis in Berlin, and attending the inauguration of the US President.

Here is U2 at home writing songs, in the studio recording, and on the set of making movies. And here is the most honest portrait ever of the most popular rock band of the 1980s and 1990s, by the author to whom U2 have given complete access with no restrictions or controls.

A Conspiracy Of Hope

U2 have proven with phenomenal success that where there is wilful intelligence, a willingness to experiment and to pick up on new ideas, there is great rock music.

It was as much their closeness as friends as any musical ambition which drew U2 together initially, a factor which engendered a distinct voice of their own as they tackled universal themes close to their hearts. And yet as they espoused a creed of tolerance in public, they also recognized that they had no magic answers to give as they wrestled with their own personal demons.

In A Conspiracy Of Hope U2 now have more than just a simple linear biography. The book traces the prevailing conditions which shaped their music at each stage and analyses some of the inherent contradictions and frictions which motivates their songwriting. Featuring exhaustive and extensive interview material, the book chronicles U2's journey to date in a musical, political and social context, giving a wider vision of the work the band have done and what they have yet to do. For a band that's dangerous because it's honest, there's always more work to do.

U2 - Faraway So Close

BP Fallon on U2:
"Bono the shaker of spells,
Edge the dazzled mystic,
Adam the roots man mon,
Larry the backbeat."

Bono on BP Fallon:
"BP Fallon is the only white black man I know apart from Bob Dylan…
A rock'n'roll creature."

It's a book at contains tons of pictures along with stories from the ZooTv tour.


This lavishly illustrated Manga Boon tells the 15-year story of rock sensations U2.

The unforgettable four - Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge - emerged like a breath of fresh air from the late seventies' punk scene. From their hardcore Dublin following they slowly built themselves up through intensely exciting live performances. From Boy in 1980 through October, War, The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum U2 dominated the eighties' album charts. Were U2 washed up?.
Their answer and the worldwide live Zoo TV show U2 have reinvented themselves as the supergroup for the nineties.

U2 tells the whole story of the boys' rise to fame. With nearly a hundred colour and black-and-white pictures, this is the book no U2 fan will want to miss.

Bono In His Own Words

"People expect you, as a believer to have all the answers when all you really get is another set of questions."

"I'm not stupid. I'm aware of the futility of rock'n'roll music, but I'm also aware of its power."

"The Irish poets gave me a sense for language and for the sound of language."
"I have written the odd tone on the back of an Air India sick-bag."

"There's always been two sides to U2, the energy and the atmosphere."

"I would love to see a united Ireland, but I never could support a man who put a gun to somebody's head to see that dream come true."

"Edge doesn't know a lot of chords he plays.
He makes them up. They don't have a name."

U2 - The Best Of

A Sort Of Homecoming
The Unforgettable Fire
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday
OctoberNew Year's Day
Pride (in the name of love)

The Joshua Treee Transcriptions

Where The Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
With Or Without You
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Red Hill Mining Town
In God's Country
Trip Through Your Wires
One Tree Hill
Mothers Of The Disappeared

Rattle And Hum Songbook

Silver And Gold
Hawkmoon 269
Helter Skelter
Van Diemen's Land
Freedom For My People
All I Want Is You
God Part II
Bullet The Blue Sky
Star Spangled Banner
When Love Comes To Town
Angel Of Harlem
All Along The Watchtower
I Still Haven't Found
Love Rescue Me

Achtung Baby Songbook

Zoo Station
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Until The End Of The World
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
So Cruel
The Fly
Mysterious Ways
Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
Ultra Violet (light my way)
Love Is Blindness

Pop Transcriptions

Do You Feel Loved
If God Will Send His Angels
Staring At The Sun
Last Night on Earth
The Playboy Mansion
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
Wake Up Dead Man